IT Security and Risk Assessments

Can you protect the confidentiality and privacy of your patients’ protected health information?

Cybercrime is on the rise, and medical organizations are the biggest target. 35% of all recorded hacking attacks and data breaches in 2014 were for healthcare businesses, whether from outside intrusion or even just accidental mistakes caused by staff members who didn’t know better.

Your patients’ privacy is of paramount concern, and your data is more valuable than ever before. Find out how safe you are with a risk assessment from eMDTec to discover any potential vulnerabilities in your technology systems.

  • Analyze your existing technology and operations to discover any weak points that could leave you vulnerable, such as security loopholes, aging systems, missing patches, too much user access, and more.
  • Test your defenses from the outside the same way a hacker would, so you discover unexpected holes that a cybercriminal could exploit.
  • Find the best security solutions that fit your needs and budget, from simple fixes like updating settings or applying patches, to major but necessary changes including replacing old technology or underperforming equipment.
  • Learn how to use your technology safely, so you and your employees don’t accidentally create a data breach that could cost your practice time, money, and your hard-earned reputation.

You should be able to focus all your energy on caring for your patients, instead of worrying about technology. eMDTec is here to keep you compliant, help you focus on the future, protect your data, and make using your information technology simple.

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