How Important is Network and Email Security in a Healthcare Business?

Cybersecurity is as important – or maybe more important – than the locks and monitoring system of your building.

You already know that without security in place, you won’t be running a business for long.

Let’s get you the answers you want about network and email security services from eMDTec.

What Does the eMDTec Team Do to Secure Your Medical Practice’s Network and Email?

  • Multi / 2 Factor Authentication
  • Operating System and Application Updates
  • Firewall Configuration and Management
  • Antivirus Configuration and Management
  • Entire IT System Security Monitoring
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Filtering / Phishing Prevention
  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Compliance Protocol Maintenance
  • End User Training

The eMDTec staff works diligently to protect the main gateways from the Internet to your business, so your data stays safe – and you stay productive. We provide a complete security suite for your healthcare organization, for worry-free protection.

  • Count on a complete suite of protection for your technology.
    • Anti-spam / Anti-Phishing
    • Malware protection
    • Password management
    • User authentication
    • Ransomware protection
    • Secure backups
    • Encryption: Laptops, Workstation, Servers, Phones, & email
  • Rest easy – knowing that we monitor your email server and networks around the clock to maintain uptime, detect and resolve unauthorized access, and keep systems flowing smoothly.
  • Avoid security vulnerabilities with regular updates and patches for all your security systems and 3rd-party applications.
  • Learn how to use your email and networks wisely – avoiding common problems like phishing attempts that could lead to security breaches and compliance infractions.

What Does Network and Email Security from eMDTec Cost?

We provide our email and network security services within our comprehensive Managed IT Services packages. Each of our Managed IT Services offerings is tailored to your practice’s specific requirements. These packages are built on a predictable and easily budgeted monthly subscription model. The Managed IT Services model is different than the break/fix model in that it provides for continuous cybersecurity maintenance, management, and monitoring.

The cost, as you can understand, is geared to the number of devices and the complexity of your network. We’d be happy to give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

What Else Does eMDTec Offer to Small to Mid-Size Healthcare Practices?

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