Could One of These Disasters Put Your Healthcare Practice Out of Business? – Business Continuity

A tidal wave doesn’t have to sweep over your medical clinic to put an end to your workflow.

It doesn’t even have to be a regional disaster like a flood, superstorm or winter storm. One of these localized disasters is enough to bring a halt to your internal processes – then what?

  • Criminal Activity
  • Ransomware
  • Fire
  • Hackers
  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Human Error
  • Power Surge/Outage
  • Internal Sabotage
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Storm Activity

Prepare for any disaster, big or small. – Keep Your Records Safe and Your Patients Happy.

With patients’ PHI to protect and virtual mountains of records to maintain, your data is more valuable than ever before. You need a plan to give you peace of mind and meet HIPAA compliance standards.

What Are the Business Continuity Basics?

Automatically backup all of your data (not just your files)

  • Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • User Settings

Geo-Redundant Backup A copy in your office for easy access and fast recovery, and a copy in the cloud to stay safe from anything that might damage your in-office equipment.

Written Recovery ProtocolsCreate a plan focused on fast and simple recovery after a disaster – restoring your data and accessing your business applications and records ASAP.

Annual Company-Wide TestingSomeone at the C-level must be put in charge of implementing your broader business disaster recovery protocols and updating them on a yearly basis. eMDTec staff will coordinate with this individual to ensure that the IT-impacted protocols are correct and in line with industry best practices.

What Does Business Continuity for Medical Practices from eMDTec Cost?

We provide our Business Continuity service within our comprehensive Managed IT Services packages. Each of our Managed IT Services offerings is tailored to your practice’s specific requirements. These packages are built on a predictable and easily budgeted monthly subscription model. The Managed IT Services model is different than the break/fix model in that it provides for continuous maintenance of your practice’s framework – assuring its availability when needed.

The cost, as you can understand, is geared to the number of devices and the complexity of your network. We’d be happy to give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

What Else Does eMDTec Offer to Small to Mid-Size Healthcare Practices?

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    IT Strategic Planning

  • Disaster Recovery Healthcare

    Compliant Communications

  • Data backup services healthcare

    Help Desk Services

  • data recovery services healthcare

    Cloud Technology Strategies

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  • Computer Backup Services

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  • ePHI Data Protection

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