Improving Your Present

You use information technology every day to get work done at your healthcare organization. How does it affect you? Does it smooth out operations, making it easier to serve your patients and get work done? Or does it drag down productivity and hold you back? Your IT should be an asset that you can count on every day to make your life easier.

Make the most of your information technology to serving your patients easier, every day. Turn to eMDTec.

  • Improve your mobility and securely access your records and applications in the office, in the exam room, or even from home using our cloud technologies.
  • Streamline the IT you use every day with virtual systems, so you eliminate expensive hardware, improve performance, and reduce your overhead.
  • Secure your email and networks so you can safely and quickly access the Internet and communicate with your patients and partners.
  • Keep IT budgeting simple with a flat-rate monthly service plan that consolidates all your services and support, so you can focus on your patients, not your IT

Your technology should make it easier to get work done, not harder. Better productivity, efficiency, and security are at your fingertips with the IT strategies of eMDTec.

Contact us at (800) 979-_2879 or today, and find out how much better YOUR technology experience can be.

Cloud Technology Strategies

Lots of IT people talk about how great the cloud is, but we know you just want to know how the cloud can benefit your business. We’ll answer your questions about the cloud and help you adopt the right cloud technologies for your needs.

  • Reduce overhead by eliminating expensive hardware with virtual systems
  • Access hosted systems online that automate many tasks and operations
  • Go mobile to access records and applications in the exam room
  • And more

Email and Network Security

You use the Internet every day to connect with patients, partners, and the wide world of information out there. That means you need to protect the main gateways from the Internet to your business, so your data stays safe and you stay productive.

  • Complete anti-spam, anti-virus, malware protection, and more
  • Properly configured firewalls that won’t slow down your performance speeds
  • 24/7 remote monitoring to discover potential threats and shut them down
  • And more

Proactive Managed IT Services

You need to make the most of your IT budget, and that can be hard with unpredictable service costs and potential support fees. Consolidate all your IT services and support into a single service plan designed to proactively maintain your technology and keep costs predictable.

  • One flat-rate monthly fee for all your IT services and support
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring to minimize IT issues
  • One source for procuring all your technology at the best possible pricing
  • And more

You should be able to focus all your energy on caring for your patients, instead of worrying about technology. eMDTec is here to keep you compliant, help you focus on the future, protect your data, and make using your information technology simple.

Call us at (800) 979-_2879 or send an email to today to discuss YOUR healthcare organization needs. Together, we’ll design and deliver a Total Technology Experience just for you.

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