Does Your IT Company Perform Your HIPAA Risk Analysis Each Year?

Have You Completed Your HIPAA Risk Analysis?

HIPAA Risk Analysis

When you’re working in the healthcare industry you know that HIPAA is a law for a reason; it protects patients’ confidential information and ensures the security of healthcare data.

It also helps to keep administrative costs in the industry low – so you need to be sure that your IT company is keeping your technology compliant with HIPAA requirements. You should be getting a HIPAA risk analysis each year to make sure everything is in order.

Why You Need a Risk Analysis?

  • Since your organization handles private healthcare information, HIPAA requires you to regularly review the administrative, physical and technical precautions that you have in place to uphold security.
  • There are many different benefits from conducting risk assessment – your IT company can potentially uncover weaknesses in your security policies, processes or systems.
  • They also give your IT company time to seek out and address vulnerabilities, preventing healthcare data breaches and other harmful security threats.
  • Getting regular risk assessment gives you peace of mind that you’re taking care of patients and giving them the utmost privacy and security.

Is Your IT Team Up to The Task?

  • If you’re not getting a regular HIPAA risk analysis, your IT company is definitely lacking.
  • If there’s no communication or they don’t understand your unique industry needs, it’s time to seek out a new technology team that will provide for your practice.
  • When you’re looking for an IT company, make sure they’re willing to meet regularly, help you understand the technology they provide, and offer regular maintenance and system upgrades to keep you functioning at your peak.

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