Does Your Healthcare IT Support Company Comply With HIPAA Standards?

Your Healthcare IT Support Company MUST Comply with HIPAA Standards!

Healthcare IT Support Company

If your healthcare IT support company doesn’t comply, you run the risk of increased fines and negative exposure. The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) operates its own investigative unit, The Office of Civil Rights (OCR), which regularly perform audits of covered entities (CE), business associates (BE) and sub-contractors (SUB) – don’t risk being involved in a violation offense chain.

What is a violation offense chain?

When violations involving over 500 patients occur, all involved parties, not just the offender is included within the public warning statement issued. With the internet, all records are permanent. You don’t want this credibility stain on your company’s permanent record.

It’s safe to assume your healthcare IT support company is certified by HHS. But how do you know your BA or SUB is stringent about staying in compliance 100% of the time?

Without having an agent around during all business hours, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee compliance.

eMDTec has a proven track record of compliance success. Our record is flawless, ZERO HIPAA VIOLATIONS. How do we do it? It’s our business.

We have developed regulations, check-points, and verifications that remove the possibility of human error, which is the leading cause of HIPAA violations.

HIPAA violations are much more common than you think. One study in 2010 stated 42% of violations were caused by a third party BA or SUB. We’re so confident in our standards and track record, we’re not scared to share that data with you.

Here are the top five most common causes of HIPAA violations:

  1. Employee Errors – One little mistake that goes unnoticed by a tired or disgruntled employee … VIOLATION.
  2. Business Associates & Subcontractors – Choose your contractors wisely, you need a company with a proven track record of compliance … {COMPANY}.
  3. Unencrypted Data – Don’t leave your data unencrypted. One new machine without encryption … VIOLATION.
  4. Data Stored on Local Devices – Have policies in place to make sure employees can’t download data to local devices. Transferring their workload to a new workstation via USB Drive … VIOLATION.
  5. Delay in Proper Violation Notifications – Made a mistake? Don’t push it under the rug and hope it goes away. Adhere to the guidelines for timely notification or … VIOLATION.

eMDTec has the experience you need with a proven track record of HIPAA compliance.

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