You Take a Holistic Approach to Your Patient Care. Why Shouldn’t Your IT Support Provider Have the Same Approach?

Helping you save time, stay secure/compliant, and provide better patient outcomes.

That’s our goal.

We know that we aren’t the physicians. – That’s your job.

Instead, we focus on ensuring that the tools on which you depend are secure, HIPAA compliant, and highly efficient.

Our approach is different than many of our competitors that serve medical practices.

  • Healthcare IT is All We Do.
  • We Offer All-inclusive Subscription Payments
  • We Are Focused on Holistic Maintenance – Not Break/Fix
  • We Have Nearly Two Decades of Healthcare IT Support Experience.

What does all that mean for you?

  • Uncomplicate Your Use of Technology
  • Rely on eMDTec to Deal with IT Headaches
  • Keep Your Team Working Efficiently
  • Protect Your Business Data and Patient EMR/EHR
  • Stay Compliant with HIPAA Regulations

What is Included in Our Array of Healthcare-Centered IT Services?

  • Compliant Communications – Ensuring that you can stay in touch with colleagues and collaborate in real time while maintaining your compliant posture
  • IT Strategic Planning – Leveraging the executive-level skillset of our IT consultants for IT-impacted decision making
  • Help Desk Services – Getting quick answers to employee’s daily questions and receiving timely troubleshooting assistance
  • Cloud Technology Strategies – Harnessing the power, flexibility, mobility, and scalability of cloud solutions
  • Email & Network Security – Protecting your investment, your staff, your patients, and your data
  • Business Continuity – Staying afloat when faced by unexpected negative events that impact local IT assets
  • Security and Risk Assessments – Keeping ahead of cybersecurity and compliance concerns through regular IT assessments.

Have You Read About Our Lineup of Healthcare IT Services?

Because eMDTec is geared solely to serving the IT support needs of medical professionals, we offer high-level Medical technology support expertise and Healthcare IT Services.

  • Managed IT Services – ensuring that your systems are continuously well maintained and updated within a stable monthly payment structure
  • Clinical IT Operations – providing a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems and a strategy to bring them to a high level of efficiency
  • HIPAA Compliance – keeping your healthcare IT in line with the mandates outlined by HIPAA legislation
  • EMR/EHR Systems – consulting surrounding the best EMR/HER system implementation, configuration, and integration strategies
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – utilizing leading-edge protective measures to guard workflow, data, and client information

How Much Does Healthcare IT Support from eMDTec Cost?

The hard answer is that the cost depends on the individual service offerings you require, the number of machines/users in use at your practice, and the complexity of your IT environment. Each of these elements factors into the final price tag of our services. However, we work with each prospective client to find the right mixture of Healthcare IT services and support within their budgetary constraints.