How Prepared Are You to Face a HIPAA Audit or Withstand a Hack Attack? – Security and Risk Assessments

Every day Medical Practices are targeted by criminals for the information that they store regarding patients. That data is then sold or traded on the dark web to be used against your patients at a later date.

“Targeted” is the keyword.

The difference between being targeted and being the victim of a data breach is preparedness.

Knowledge is power.

We’ll give you that knowledge.

  • How Secure is Your Wifi?
  • How Protected is Your Network?
  • Is it Safe to Be Using Your Mobile Devices for Work?
  • Are Your Backup Protocols Adequate?

eMDTec Works Exclusively with Medical Practices

Our cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance specialists are ready to give you the answers to your questions about your ability to combat hacking and meet the challenge of a HIPAA audit.

Here are some of the areas we investigate within the framework of an exhaustive Medical Practice Security and Risk Assessment.

  • Email Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • HIPAA Protocols and Documentation
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Employee Risk
  • WiFi Security

Is eMDTec Security and Risk Assessment a Sales Tool?

No. While we are occasionally called into a Medical Practice and begin our relationship with discovering their security and compliance issues, our Security and Risk Assessment service is generally part of the comprehensive care that we supply to our clients within the framework of our Managed IT Services offering. Regular Security and Risk Assessments are conducted to ensure that our clients are keeping ahead of emerging cyber threats and changes to HIPAA compliance guidelines.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive business technology care model that replaces the old, break/fix model with total IT care based on a stable, monthly subscription payment. This IT care strategy allows for continuous maintenance and monitoring and assures the best IT performance and optimal uptime for workflow. eMDTec security and compliance specialists work within the Managed IT Services model to provide medical practices with regular executive summaries of our ongoing Security and Risk Assessments.