Meet eMDTec
Healthcare IT Services

Interested in a Full-Service, Outsourced Healthcare IT Support Solution? – Read more about the staff and strategy of eMDTec.

Since 2001, eMDTec has been working to help ambulatory healthcare practices become more efficient, secure, and compliant.

As practices have become more dependent upon technology, the eMDTec team has been there to ensure that they have reliable technology platforms for their daily workflow.

  • Meeting Compliance Mandates
  • Building Efficiencies into Processes
  • Managing and Mitigating Risk
  • Enabling Effective Patient Service

Over the past eighteen years, we have served many practices similar to yours – providing not just technology infrastructure and support, but also consultation, high-level process/workflow guidance, and EMR migrations/support.

Are You Ready for a Team That Sees the Big Picture of Healthcare IT?

You already know that it’s difficult to find an IT support company that understands the relationship between the function of medical technology, the efficiency of practice staff, and the level of care for patients. Because we’ve been supporting urgent care facilities and private practices for many years, we take a holistic approach to how overall changes and tiny tweaks impact patient care delivery.

Our Mission

We’re here to make your life easier. – That’s it.

  • Answers to Your IT Questions
  • Solutions to Your IT Problems
  • Unbiased Hardware and Software Advice
  • Comprehensive Outsourced IT Support Team

We uncomplicate technology so you can breathe easy and get on with your day. After all, you should be able to focus all your energy on caring for patients, not struggling with technology. eMDTec is here to keep you compliant, help you focus on the future, protect your data, and simplify your use of technology.

Improving Your Present Healthcare Practice Operations

Your technology should make it easier to get work done – not harder. We work diligently to ensure that your practice can function at it’s highest capacity.

  • Cloud Strategies to Improve Mobility and Productivity
  • Email & Network Security to Make Confidentiality Easier
  • Managed IT Services to Keep Your Technology Budgeting Simple

Looking Toward the Future

To give your practice a brighter future with technology, we need to make a plan. That plan must be proactive in nature – ensuring that your IT systems are maintained and that detrimental issues are avoided.

  • IT Planning – focusing on improving operations in the future
  • IT Support – handling any it issues you might experience
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Protection – preparing for the unexpected
  • Meaningful Use Consulting – ensuring you can qualify for Meaningful Use

Our Healthcare IT Support Philosophy

  • Learn Your Unique Healthcare IT Support Requirements
    Treat us like an extension of your business. We’ll be around regularly and will get to know you, your staff, and your
    processes – working to help you use your technology effectively.
  • Get to the Heart of the Issue
    We’re not interested in throwing patches on symptoms. We’ll find the root of the issue and leverage IT solutions to restore full function.
  • Plan Ahead
    We don’t just toss the newest and shiniest IT toys on the market at you and hope they stick. We strategize with
    you – formulating an IT strategy that takes your needs, your budget, and your schedule into account.
  • Communicate Clearly
    Plain English Only – no technobabble and no secrets.
    We’ll make sure you get simple and clear communication from our technicians and transparent reports on the health of your IT systems.