Clinical IT Operations – Allowing Healthcare Practices to Make Informed Choices and Operate Efficiently

Your healthcare facility runs on the backbone of your technology. As your dependence on technology increases, so does the demand for Clinical IT Assessments and the information derived from these assessments.

Clinical IT Assessments take the entirety of your IT environment into consideration – including your EMR/EHR system and your cloud assets. By surveying all the disparate elements of your IT systems and their interactions with each other, eMDTec staff is able to determine how well your assets support your workflow and how to optimize them for peak performance.

Following the Clinical IT Assessment, eMDTec produces an executive report that summarizes the results of the assessment and makes optimized, patient and workflow-friendly recommendations.

Our Clinical IT Services Include the Following Healthcare IT Service Elements

  • Clinical IT Operations

    Upgrade and MigrationServices

  • Workflow Management Healthcare

    Systems Configurations

  • Clinical IT Support

    Ongoing Staff Training

  • Clinical IT Management

    EPM / EMR Consultingand Management

  • Reliable IT In Healthcare

    IT Consulting

  • Reliable Clinical IT Operations

    Managed IT Services

The Information You Need to Protect Your Practice – Security Risk Assessments

Securing your practice is of paramount importance. Cybersecurity strategies, implementation, and monitoring are the foundation of eMDTec IT protocols.

Our Security Risk Assessments are conducted by Healthcare IT Security professionals with nearly two decades of experience. Each Security Risk Assessment is accompanied by a comprehensive, executive report – providing information regarding vulnerabilities, gaps, and necessary fixes.

With this data in hand, you can make the informed choices you need to make to keep your practice safe and your client’s information secure.

The Data You Need to Direct Your Practice – Clinical IT Analytics

Providing top-shelf care to your patients is important to you. Unfortunately, technology can be seen as an impediment to healthcare delivery. It’s fair to say that most physicians and practice administrators see technology as an unknowable “black box” that can’t be searched or altered to fit the way they work.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You produce a lot of data in the course of a day.

That data adds up.

By analyzing that data, eMDTec Healthcare IT professionals are able to do a deep dive into how well – or how poorly – your current IT environment is configured and integrated to meet the demands of your workflow.

The advantages of data analyzation, however, don’t end with a practice’s workflow.

Data analysis can give you insight into patient health, overall patient trends, service delivery, and service profitability.

Each insight gained through Clinical IT Analytics provides you with reference points and factual basis for executive decision making.