Email and Network Security

Protect the confidentiality of your patients’ data by locking down the main gateways to your business from the Internet.

You use the Internet every day to connect with patients, partners, and the wide world of information out there. But as amazing and useful as the Internet is, it’s a great danger to the privacy and confidentiality of your data, especially for patients’ PHI.

That means you need to protect the main gateways from the Internet to your business, so your data stays safe and you stay productive. Trust in the team at eMDTec to provide a complete security suite for your healthcare organization, designed to make staying safe easier than ever before.

  • Count on a complete suite of protection for your technology, including anti-spam, malware protection, password management, user authentication, and properly configured firewalls that won’t slow down your performance speeds.
  • Monitor your email server and networks around the clock to maintain uptime, detect and resolve unauthorized access, and keep systems flowing smoothly.
  • Avoid security vulnerabilities with regular updates and patches for all your security systems and 3rd-party applications.
  • Learn how to use your email and networks wisely, avoiding common problems like phishing attempts that could lead to breaches of your confidential information.

You should be able to focus all your energy on caring for your patients, instead of worrying about technology.

eMDTec is here to keep you compliant, help you focus on the future, protect your data, and make using your information technology simple. Call us at (800) 979-_2879 or send an email to today to discuss YOUR healthcare organization needs. Together, we’ll design and deliver a Total Technology Experience just for you.

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