What is the Best MFA Solution for SMBs?

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Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is a cybersecurity solution that provides an added layer of protection against online threats. By requiring multiple forms of authentication before granting access to networks or data, it can help keep data safe from cyberattacks.

This tool is important for businesses, especially for SMB cybersecurity, because of the extra layer of defense it provides. At least 80% of data attacks from cyber criminals could be prevented by using MFA as part of your business’s security protocol.

One study also found that multi-factor authentication has been utilized by 95% of companies across the United States. Understanding what this technology is and how it operates is crucial to strengthening your cybersecurity infrastructure.

What is MFA?

MFA is a security solution that requires multiple forms of authentication before granting access to data or networks. This is done by requiring a user to provide certain credentials to verify their identity when trying to access a certain program or specific data. The multiple authentication forms all work independent of each other for increased security measures.

How Successful is MFA at Stopping Cyberattacks?

Multi-factor authentication is proven to be very successful in preventing cyberattacks. A study completed by Microsoft showed that through implementing MFA, 99% of cyberattacks targeting accounts had been blocked. This is because this resource provides an extra layer of security that is not found with other forms of authentication.

The susceptible systems that are breached when a username and password are hacked become instantly protected when an additional verification step is put into place. It’s become an innovative way for businesses to take initiative against cyber crimes.

What is the Best MFA Solution for Your Business?

There are a lot of different MFA options to choose from when making a selection to protect your business. Here are a couple of popular choices, but it’s a good idea to find one that will be the best fit for your company’s needs.

Cisco Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Cisco acquired the company Duo Security in 2018 in an increased effort to assist businesses of all sizes to secure and watch over their accounts. Passcodes, hardware tools, and biometric codes are all used as additional factors to safely gain access to your company’s data.

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication 

Microsoft’s Azure provides an easy-to-use and secure user interface that uses single sign-on so you can conveniently access all necessary apps from anywhere. Another feature offered is identity governance, which only allows access to authorized users for data and applications.

These and other useful options will allow your company to securely access your sensitive data in a convenient and protected way. To further protect your company, IT service providers are available to offer valuable assistance.

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