Cloud Technology Strategies

Learn how to leverage the power of the cloud to improve productive, save money, and access data on the go.

Lots of IT people talk about how great the cloud is, but we know you just want to know how the cloud can benefit your healthcare business. How can the cloud help save your money, improve your daily operations, and overall make getting work done easier?

It’s time to find out what the cloud can do for YOU. The cloud strategists at eMDTec will answer your questions about the cloud and help you adopt the right cloud technologies for your unique needs.

  • Turn to virtualized systems like online applications, desktops, and even servers to reduce your overhead by eliminating expensive onsite hardware. We handle all the maintenance, upgrades, and backend work – you just log in and get to work.
  • Access hosted systems online that can automate many of your daily tasks and operations, saving you time and making it easier to stay compliant with regulations like HIPAA.
  • Go mobile with your technology to access records and applications out of the cloud, making it easy to work on the same files in the front office, in the exam room, and even from home – all without breaking privacy or confidentiality.
  • Rest easy knowing that eMDTec is guarding all your data from secured data centers, designed specifically to withstand disaster and keep PHI locked down under the highest levels of encryption and password protection.
  • Find out what cloud options are best for your unique needs and budget. We can provide a wide range of services, including:
    • Hosted Microsoft Exchange email servers
    • Hosted virtual desktops
    • Cloud-based file sharing
    • And more

You should be able to focus all your energy on caring for your patients, instead of worrying about technology.

eMDTec is here to keep you compliant, help you focus on the future, protect your data, and make using your information technology simple. Call us at (800) 979-_2879 or send an email to today to discuss YOUR healthcare organization needs. Together, we’ll design and deliver a Total Technology Experience just for you.

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