Want to Harness the Power of Cloud Without Losing Compliance or Security?

Healthcare businesses are slow to adopt new technologies like the cloud – and that’s okay, even good.

But cloud technology isn’t new anymore.

Leading Medical facilities are utilizing Cloud Technology Strategies to improve access to information, drive a higher level of collaboration, and even ensure more effective security and compliance.

How Can You Move Workflow Into the Cloud and Improve Compliance and Security?

The cloud is used for much more than hosting applications for healthcare workflow, but here’s why your workflow may be more secure and HIPAA compliant within a cloud environment.

  • Cloud providers know that they must be compliant with HIPAA, other legislation, and industry compliance standards to gain your business.

  • Cloud providers supply geo-redundancy, current IT security protocols, and physical security measures for your hosted applications.

  • Cloud providers upgrade their hardware, software, security, speed, and compliance protocols to meet client expectations and evolving mandates.

As a result of these realities, the use of the cloud is now a common fixture in residential, small to mid-size business, and corporate life.

What Is Cloud Technology Strategies?

Knowing that using the cloud for business can be secure and compliant and knowing how to leverage the mobility, computing power, and flexibility of the cloud are two different things.

eMDTec has helped medical practices move into and work in the cloud since the cloud became a viable and trusted avenue for data storage and workflow hosting.

Our team specializes in giving unbiased, executive-level advice to medical leadership teams about their options in and use of cloud services.

We answer these questions:

  • Is the cloud the right move?
  • Should we move everything to the cloud or keep some data and workflow on-site?
  • Can using the cloud save us money?
  • What about security and HIPAA compliance?
  • Will using the cloud help with efficiency and process mobility?
  • How can we use the cloud to improve patient/doctor collaboration and communication?
  • Will using the cloud impact (positively or negatively) our patient care and outcomes?

You Just Want to Know How the Cloud Can Benefit Your Healthcare Business. — How Can the Cloud Help?

  • Virtualized systems like online applications, desktops, and even servers are able to reduce your overhead by eliminating expensive onsite hardware.

  • Hosted systems can automate repetitive manual tasks – saving you time and making it easier to stay compliant with regulations like HIPAA.

  • Mobile technology gives you the ability to access records and applications in the cloud – making it easy to work on the same files in the front office, in the exam room, and even from home – all without breaking privacy or confidentiality.

  • Data centers are designed to withstand disaster and keep PHI locked down under the highest levels of encryption and password protection.